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Qinghai Enesoon New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is research and development, production and salesMulti-component molten saltHigh-tech enterprises that store new materials for heat

This material is widely usedSolar thermal power generation, clean energy storage, other heat storageField。

Relying on the R&D management team and technical advantages of Shenzhen Ainengsen Technology, and providing customers withEnergy and environmental technology developmenttechnical consultingTechnology transferTechnology Promotion

Due to the needs of business development, we invite people of insight from all walks of life to join us!

  • Administrative Personnel Assistant 1
    Work content:
    1. Responsible for the release and maintenance of employee recruitment information and resume screening;
    2. Responsible for the handling of employee resignation procedures and the management of labor contracts;
    3. Responsible for the declaration and payment of the employee's five insurances and one gold;
    4. Responsible for the development and summary of employee performance appraisal work;
    5. Affairs assigned by other leaders.
    1. College degree or above, major in administrative management, human resource management, business administration, etc.;
    2. More than 1 year working experience in related positions;
    3. Strong communication and coordination skills.
  • One chemical engineering engineer

    Work content:
    1. Responsible for determining the process flow of the production device, performing database simulation and calculation calculation, calculating material balance and heat balance, and drawing PFD, UID;
    2. Responsible for the process calculation of process equipment; determine the process equipment specifications and technical requirements; prepare the process equipment data sheet;
    3. Responsible for writing the process description document, proposing the control plan according to the process requirements, and drawing the pipeline and instrument flow chart (PID) of the process system in the device;
    4. Assist in technical evaluation of equipment professional support equipment, prepare project feasibility study report, and carry out project technology development and business construction;
  • 1 person in charge of hazardous chemicals transportation logistics manager
    Work content:
    1. Responsible for the construction of the transportation management system for hazardous chemicals, including the establishment of sound rules and regulations, and the construction of a talent team;
    2. Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget for the hazardous chemicals transportation system and expand the transportation of hazardous chemicals;
    3. Responsible for public relations handling, external communication and coordination of relevant departments of hazardous chemicals transportation business;
    4. Responsible for the daily training, work supervision and performance assessment of the personnel of this business segment;
    5. Responsible for reviewing various expenses of this business segment;
    6. Provide reasonable suggestions for the development decision of the business segment;
  • Age 22-35 years old, male or female;
    College degree or above, sales experience;
    Strong learning and communication skills, good at communication;
    Have a good sense of teamwork and pressure;
    Be able to work hard and maintain good work enthusiasm;
    Experience in driver's license and investment, wealth management and insurance industry is preferred.
    Job responsibilities:
    Actively develop new customers, organize customer materials, and establish customer information files;
    Complete customer negotiations, sign contracts, follow-up orders and post-maintenance work;
    Complete the monthly sales task assigned by the company;
    Flexible maintenance of customer and bank relationships;
    Can continue to learn, keep making progress and improve themselves.

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