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Signing Two New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Projects

  • 2018-06-15 14:10:45
  • Company News

On May 22, Enesoon Holdings Co., Ltd., Suzhou Zhonglai New Energy Co., Ltd., Sun Jiaji Street, Shouguang City, and Sanyuan Zhu Village signed two new kinetic energy conversion projects in Sanyuan Community around the goal of building beautiful countryside and clean energy zero-carbon town. 


Enesoon and Suzhou Zhonglai New Energy Co., Ltd., Sunjiaji Street Sanyuan Zhucun joint venture to establish "zero-carbon beautiful rural planning and design institute", signed a cooperation framework agreement on the spot. 

Sun Jiaji Street Office and Suzhou Zhonglai New Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Zhonglai New Energy Co., Ltd. realizes resource sharing and common development by virtue of its deep professional background, technical accumulation and strength in photovoltaic power generation, agriculture, aquaculture and rural tourism investment and construction.

On the same day, Chairman Lin Jianwei of Suzhou Zhonglai New Energy Co., Ltd. And his entourage also inspected and visited the HSES clean energy heating and cooling demonstration project in Sanyuanzhu Village, Enesoon, and the newly-built 500,000-square-meter coal-fired boiler dismantling and heating transformation project in Sunjiaji Street. Zeng Zhiyong, chief scientist of Enesoon, and Lan Lan, vice president of Enesoon, introduced to Chairman Lin and his entourage the design concept, site operation status and business model of Enesoon HSES Sanyuan Zhu Cheng Hot and Cool Project Energy Storage + Multi-energy Complementation + Smart Energy. 


Chairman Lin Jianwei highly appreciated Enesoon's innovative technology and project application in clean energy thermal energy storage and multi-energy complementary comprehensive utilization, and affirmed the positive contribution of the successful application of this technology to the construction of a beautiful countryside and a beautiful China. For the construction of low-carbon livable villages put forward good ideas and solutions to help rural areas to achieve low-carbon, green, energy-saving, environmental protection goals. 

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